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Acute Type A Dissection, Coarctation of Aorta and Levoatriocardinal Vein -- A Rare Combination
  • Kartik Patel,
  • Archit Patel,
  • Chandrasekaran Ananthanarayanan
Kartik Patel
U.N.Mehta Institute of Cardiology and Research Center

Corresponding Author:drkartikpgi@yahoo.com

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Archit Patel
U.N.Mehta Institute of Cardiology and Research Center
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Chandrasekaran Ananthanarayanan
U. N. Mehta Institute of Cardiology and Research Center
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Concomitant presence of acute type A dissection and coactation of aorta is rare (1). Levoatriocardinal vein has shown to be associated with left sided hypoplastic lesions as well as with normal hearts (2, 3 ). However, concurrent presence of levoatriocardinal vein with acute type A dissection, severe aortic regurgitation and Coarctation of aortic isthmus was not described. We here described a case of 20 year male presented to emergency department with acute chest pain radiating to back. On evaluation, he was found to have acute type A dissection with dilated aortic root, severe aortic regurgitation, normal mitral valve, severe coarctation of aorta and levoatriocardinal vein. Patient was managed successfully with composite valve conduit replacement of ascending aorta with ascending aortic to descending aortic graft (16mm graft) with levoatriocardinal vein ligation.
08 Jun 2021Submitted to Journal of Cardiac Surgery
09 Jun 2021Assigned to Editor
09 Jun 2021Submission Checks Completed
18 Jun 2021Review(s) Completed, Editorial Evaluation Pending
18 Jun 2021Editorial Decision: Accept
Oct 2021Published in Journal of Cardiac Surgery volume 36 issue 10 on pages 3867-3868. 10.1111/jocs.15832