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Colorized scanning electron micrograph of a Lilium pollen mounted on a carbon pad. Roetz Hagen



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Ebola virus epidemiology, transmission, and evolution during seven months in Sierra Leone

Daniel Park, Gytis Dudas, Shirlee Wohl, et al.

and 65 more collaborators

Published in

Cell on 06/18/2015


83 times cited


forest ecology

Positive biodiversity-productivity relationship predominant in global forests

Jingjing Liang, Thomas W. Crowther, Nicolas Picard, Susan Wiser, et al.

and 40 more collaborators

Published in

Science on 10/14/2016


3 times cited


astronomy & astrophysics

A prevalence of dynamo-generated magnetic fields in the cores of intermediate-mass stars

Dennis Stello, Matteo Cantiello, Jim Fuller, et al.

and 6 more collaborators

Published in

Nature on 01/04/2016


22 times cited



Pharmit: Interactive Exploration of Chemical Space

Jocelyn Sunseri, David Koes

Published in

Nucleic Acids Research on 04/19/2016


5 times cited

First look


First Look at the Physics Case of TLEP

M Bicer, H. Duran Yildiz, I. Yildiz, G. Coignet, et al.

and 65 more collaborators

Published in

Journal of High Energy Physics on 01/29/2014


263 times cited


biological sciences

DNA barcoding and taxonomy: dark taxa and dark texts

Roderic Page

Published in

Philosophical Transactions in Biology on 08/01/2016


2 times cited

The best features for writing research together

Behind the editor and the beautiful interface, Authorea is an incredibly powerful platform. Here are some the features that make it the most advanced scientific writing and publishing tool out there.

Host data

Host Data

Host data underneath tables and figures to make documents easier to write and more informative to read

Multiple markup languages

Multiple Markup Languages

Add blocks of Markdown and LaTeX to your document as needed -- or write the entire document

History view

History View

See how a document came together by day and contributor. Roll back changes that you don't approve

Hosted installation

Hosted (white-labeled) Installation

Securely write and host your documents on a local installation, whether you're a research institute or a large enterprise

Mint doi

Mint a DOI

Receive a digital object identifier (DOI) for any document you write on Authorea. Use it to link others to your preprint

Advanced export and journal styles

Advanced Export and Journal Styles

You can always export your work to hundreds of different styles in PDF, Word, or Zip



Authorea stores the entire history of a document using Git, an advanced version control system



Start from templates for leading conferences, institutions, and journals

Direct submissions

Direct Submission

Direct Submission is available for a growing number of journals. All formatting is handled by Authorea

Collaborate  product


Manage co-authors and resolve conflicts quickly and easily

Equations editor

Equations Editor

Insert equations using a handy equations editor



Discuss changes with collaborators in real time

24x7 support

24x7 support

Authorea's support team is available via chat 7 days a week

Interactive figures

Interactive Figures

Add rich media to your research documents to make them come alive on the web

Integrations with ipython

Integrations with iPython etc

Include your Jupyter or iPython notebooks in a document

Figure management

Figure Management

Manage figures and figure revisions

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