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Authorea is where 250,000 scientists, professionals, and students create and publish research. They work in top labs, universities, and companies, solving important problems in all fields of inquiry, from Astronomy to Zoology.

More than a document editor

Authorea is built for modern research. Upload your documents easily. And then enrich them with tables and figures, live data, equations, and dynamic charts.

Communities and Collections

Shine light on the research work of your team, organization, group, institution, conference, or journal. Start a community portal, customize its design, screen submissions, and publish them.

The easiest way to add citations, ever!

Everybody has their own flow when it comes to managing citations and references. You can drag and drop from your preferred library, or you can use Authorea's instant search to locate a reference by author, keyword, or DOI.

The best collaborative publishing platform for research

Upload, edit, add collaborators, review, and publish. Collect comments and feedback on all your research outputs.

Natively built on Git for superior version control

Browse a document's history to view the latest contributions and revert any unwanted changes. You're in control.

Host data underneath your figures

Documents are richer and more reproducible when data is hosted underneath figures. Each Authorea document has a file repository to link data to specific tables and figures.

Force-Directed Lattice by Mike Bostock in d3.js

Click and drag to interact with the image

Publish and make your research citeable

Mint a DOI for your document and share the link for the world to see. Meanwhile, export to PDF or submit directly to a journal for consideration.

Other benefits of Authorea


A repository for any field of research, from Anthropology to Zoology


Discuss your preprints with your collaborators and the scientific community

Interactive Figures

Not just PDFs. You can publish d3.js and graphs, data, code, Jupyter notebooks

Authorea is free to use. Groups can upgrade for additional features.

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