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The Unheard Echoes of Equality: Perceptions of Wealth Inequality in the Heart of Europe and Beyond
  • Filip Cervenka,
  • Robin Maialeh
Filip Cervenka
Research Institute for Labour and Social Affairs
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Robin Maialeh

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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This study examines various attitudes to wealth inequality in Czechia and the broader CEE region and provides valuable insights into global research on inequality perceptions. By focusing on this, to date, underexplored region, our research contributes to the current understanding of wealth inequality at the global scale. The findings revealed remarkable similarities between Czech and US respondents in terms of their perceptions and preferences. On average, participants estimated that the top 20% of the population in the Czech Republic holds approximately 48% of total wealth, while expressing a preference for a lower wealth share of around 34% in the ideal scenario. These results are in alignment with previous research that highlighted a prevalent lack of awareness of actual levels of wealth inequality combined with a consistent preference for the reduction of inequality levels. By elucidating these patterns, this study contributes to the growing body of literature in the field.
Submitted to Analyses of Social Issues and Public Policy
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