Invite Authorea to Your Campus

Do you enjoy using Authorea?
Do you want to help spread it to your colleagues?
Do you want to learn more from a real person instead of a website?

Then drop us a line at and we can arrange a demo/presentation at your department, library, on-campus organization, group meeting, research laboratory. Whether it’s a Department of Astronomy, a Women in Science Club, a Physics library, a Molecular Biology lab, (or a Happy Hour!), we’ll be very happy to come and showcase Authorea.

You might be asking yourself,

What’s in it for me?

To that we say,

check out these benefits!

  1. Get a first-hand introduction to Authorea

    Learn your way around the website, get your questions answered, your troubles shot, and hear more about Authorea’s vision.

  2. Connect with like-minded people

    What do Albert Einstein, Ben Franklin, DARPA, Google, J.R.R. Tolkien, Socrates, Stanislaw Ulam, and The Super Friends have in common? They are all known to have established tight-knit communities of highly-skilled people with which to meet, discuss, bounce around ideas, create, and solve interesting problems. You can think of Authorea as a way to help such like-minded people document and iterate their thoughts. Maybe even produce something to publish.

  3. Learn technical writing

    LaTeX and Markdown are powerful document preparation systems / markup languages that stress content over form. LaTeX is widely used for technical writing and for the formatting and publication of articles, especially in CS, math, and the physical sciences. If you or your colleagues want a brief tutorial while our representative is on-campus, we can get you started with the basics of document text and structure, image incorporation, and handling other elements in and outside the editor on Authorea.

  4. Free Stuff!

    Not one to show up empty-handed, we’ll bring along some Authorea-style goodies, tips and tricks sheets, some refreshments to entice attendance, and a free 3-month organizational subscription!

Shoot us an email and say hi at if you want to meet up!

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