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Whether you’re celebrating Thanksgiving today in the US or it’s just another day in the lab, it’s important to remember that there’s a lot to be thankful for, especially in regards to Open Access.

Increased Open Access

There’s no question that Open Access (OA) is the future, and each year the numbers clearly show its growth and the world’s approval and desire to learn. Here’s a collection of statistics compiled for OA Week in October. Some truly exciting numbers.

The Community

When people get together (in person or online) who believe there’s a right to access fundamental knowledge about the world, good things emerge. Ideas can be shared, developed, grown, and implemented instantly. Collaborations, contacts, and friendships are formed that will span careers. The OA Community is a rich, vibrant group with core beliefs that inherently make it a hot bed of acceptance, creativity, and productivity.

More Governments, Foundations, and Organizations Supporting OA

With the EU’s recent changes mandating clinical trial transparency and similar rules under consideration in the US, open access is really going prime time. Coupled with the recent announcement by the Gates Foundation of impressively stringent OA guidelines, there’s a clear trend towards more openess - a good thing for funding bodies, governments, researchers, and every citizen of the world.

Innovative Ways to Open Your Research

Every week, there’s some innovation, update, new service or framework that makes it easier to share your work. Whether its repositories for code and data, groups that give you an informal framework to talk about your research, organizations that advocate for OA, or places to get the word out generally about what your true passion is, we are all living in a moment filled to the brim with potential. We need to remember to be thankful for it and take advantage of every opportunity to make sure our world and our science are as open as possible.

Happy Thanksgiving,
The Authorea Team

P.S. And of course we’re thankful for all our users and followers on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ ! :)

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