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Authorea in Nature

As seen on Twitter, a recent Nature piece outlines Authorea and other offerings in the collaborative science space. Dr. Alyssa Goodman comments on the dual-nature of an Authorea document: the surface-level article, as well as an accumulation of experimentals and data - effectively a slice of a lab notebook!

Upbeat News on Startup Beat

Yesterday we featured a recent Startup Beat interview on our LinkedIn page. In it, you can read about the beginnings of Authorea and the bright future we envision.


TechCrunch reported on Authorea’s seed round through ff Venture Capital and NY Angels. Alberto talks about remaking the collaboration process and sharing the full “scientific image”, the data and analysis behind published figures and results.

NYC Startup News Site Interviews NYC Startup

Last week, Alberto was interviewed on Alley Watch, detailing the perilous road to seed funding. He also extols on the virtue of a lean “bootstrapping mentality” for a healthy start-up, especially meaningful given the growing alarm of high burn rates over in Silicon Valley. You can also find a well-researched recommendation for a drink in SoHo.

Making Science Sexy Again

Over the summer, Alberto was interviewed for Tech and the City, vowing to “bring sexy back to science.” The broader vision of changing not just the face of scientific publishing, but also the accessibility (universal), rate of release (instantaneous), and progress of science (breakneck speed) is discussed.

Tech Specs and More on Fast Company

Nathan talks about the value-adds of open, interactive data in this Fast Company interview. He discusses the need for re-incentivizing research to get scientists collaborating to achieve shared goals. There are also some behind-the-scenes technical notes.

Top Marks from AppStorm

Last year, AppStorm reviewed Authorea, providing a handy introductory walk-through. While some of the features and design have been updated since, the core simplicity of Authorea that AppStorm loved still remains.
And before you go looking up the mysterious Latin in the screenshot, read about it and some recent intrigue.

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