Interactive and discoverable preprints

The Authorea Team

Scholarly communication is advancing culturally and technologically towards a better future.  There are an increasing number of disciplines and people publishing their content under open-access licenses, publishing their work as preprints, and publishing different types of content from data to posters to single figures. We're happy to be part of this push towards a more dynamic and transparent system of communication. In fact, it's one of the reasons we exist--to improve how leading researchers and student's alike communicate their ideas amongst each other and to the world. These are the world's most important ideas, how we communicate them is important.

Write, edit, make public as preprints

Authorea is predominantly used as an editor where researchers write their papers, but we're not just an editor. In fact, many researchers choose to write on Authorea because after they are done writing they are also done "preprinting." In short, Authorea is a collaborative text editor and a preprint repository. Like other preprint repositories, we allow immediate and open communication amongst researchers and the public. What sets us apart is how we do this. Each article is in itself a git repository where researchers can directly host data with their manuscripts. We are not limited by discipline or content type and we allow, even encourage, other forms of grey literature (informal documents) to be published with us, such as blogs, how-to's, class notes, abstracts, etc. Moreover, whereas all preprint repositories publish their articles in the portable document format, otherwise known as the PDF (some even host Microsoft Word files!), Authorea has reinvented how articles are written and presented and to utilize all the capabilities of the web.  

We built Authorea to usher in the future of research writing, so come join us!