Authorea User Spotlight - Casey Law

When did you know you wanted to become a scientist?
I took physics as a senior in high school and found it thrilling. It excited me to find a subject that tries to tackle the most fundamental laws of the universe. When I realized I could study that full time in college, I didn't hesitate to declare my major.

Can you summarize the main focus of your research?
My current research focuses on data intensive uses of radio interferometers. Interferometers have a rather peculiar way of seeing (Fourier transforms abound!) and there are a wide range of algorithms that can be applied to get at the underlying signal. I am tackling projects to perform large surveys, real-time data analysis, and high-speed imaging.

Who do you normally work with when you write research papers (colleagues, mentors, students, institutions, etc.) and are there any pain points in your workflow you'd like to see remedied?
I typically work with colleagues based at other institutions. Naturally, the internet and web-based tools for collaboration are a huge part of my work day. When a new result comes out, I may not appreciate it until chatting with colleagues about the techniques used and their impression of the conclusions, etc.. My colleagues and I like using Authorea because it is where publication and discussion intersect; a hub where you can publish your work and connect with like-minded scientists to discuss your research and theirs and build off each others' ideas. It's kind of the mecca of science. 
What has your transition to Authorea been like?
Authorea's design has made it easy to get a quick start. A new article comes with a click of a button. The most common use cases for publication are covered with a great library of style files.