July 18, 2023
The carbon footprint of different modes of birth in the UK and the Netherlands: an ex...
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October 07, 2021
Commentary on Donati et al. SARS-CoV-2 infection among hospitalized pregnant women an...
James Thornton
July 20, 2021
OASI Care Bundle
Mandie Scamell, James Thornton, Katherine Hales, et al.
July 09, 2020
Ursodeoxycholic acid in intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy: a secondary analysis o...
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July 27, 2020
Haemostatic and thrombo-embolic complications in pregnant women with COVID-19: a syst...
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July 20, 2020
Authors’ reply re: Maternal transmission of SARS-COV-2 to the neonate, and possible r...
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April 22, 2020
Covid-19 in pregnancy. (Mini-commentary on BJOG-20-0578.R1 and BJOG-20-0617)
James Thornton