Authorea launches new line of perfumes for scientists

The Authorea Team on April 1, 2015

In an effort to bring science outside of research labs, today Authorea is launching an exciting new line of fragrances and beauty products for scientists and scholars. The first product to hit shelves will be Acqua d’Autore. This unisex and cross-disciplinary fragrance is a light and elegant scent for the modern researcher. It begins with mild citrus notes followed by elegant notes of tobacco and vanilla. The scent finishes smoothly with wood notes, known to enhance scientific collaboration. Whether you’re stepping out of the lab or into your favorite shoe store, Acqua d’Autore is guaranteed to attract the gaze of your next coauthors. Authorea’s cofounder, Alberto Pepe, a life long supporter of the #scienceperfume movement comments: “Today marks the beginning of a new era that will see fashion and science finally joined, bringing scientific transparency, data, and good looks to one place”.

Acqua d’Autore: Make your rationale irresistible.

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