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Proteomics Techniques in Focus: From Basics to Advanced Applications


      Proteomics is a collective approach using other “omics” technologies for analyzing and identifying the function and structure of proteins with greater precision. Along with the revolution in technologies and increase in statistical computing models, proteomics has been cognate promptly over the last ten years and enlightened on resolving complex diseases. Identification of various protein biomarkers, expression patterns of proteins in diseases, and the mechanism of pathogenicity, there is a demand for Proteomics-based technologies. This article profound impact on proteomics across diverse scientific domains, including disease biomarker discovery, drug development, structural biology, and functional genomics, complex biological systems, and underscores the significance of various techniques, including mass spectrometry, protein microarrays, SILAC, and iTRAQ. This review aims to illustrate several technologies of proteomics with their principle, the latest advancements, and their role in research.