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Supporting Information for "A Magnetorheological Elastomer Based Proportional Valve for Soft Pneumatic Actuators"
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  • Sihan Wang,
  • Liang He,
  • Alessandro Albini,
  • Peizhi Zhang,
  • Perla Maiolino
Sihan Wang
University of Oxford
Author Profile
Liang He
University of Oxford
Alessandro Albini
University of Oxford
Peizhi Zhang
Waseda University
Perla Maiolino
University of Oxford


This Supporting Information includes: the detailed dimensions of the MRE valves, the dimensions of the four different MRE geometries investigated, and the detailed setup and parameters of the PID controllers used.
Corresponding author Email:  sihan.wang@eng.ox.ac.uk 
03 Aug 2022Submitted to AISY Supporting Information
20 Sep 2022Published in AISY Supporting Information