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Minimal access left ventricular reconstruction
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  • Thasee Pillay,
  • Paulo Neves,
  • federico benetti,
  • Kevin van Bladel,
  • Andrew Wechsler,
  • Lon Annest
Thasee Pillay
BioVentrix Inc

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Paulo Neves
Centro Hospitalar de Vila Nova de Gaia Espinho EPE
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federico benetti
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Kevin van Bladel
BioVentrix Inc
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Andrew Wechsler
BioVentrix Inc
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Lon Annest
BioVentrix Inc
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The Revivent TC™ TransCatheter Ventricular Enhancement System (BioVentrix Inc, San Ramon, CA, USA) is intended for use in heart failure with cardiac dysfunction a previous myocardial infarction. The resultant increased left ventricular systolic volume and discrete, contiguous, non-contractile (akinetic and/or dyskinetic) scar located in the antero-septal, apical (may extend laterally) region of the left ventricle (LV) lends itself to Revivent. The procedure, called Less Invasive Ventricular Enhancement (LIVE), consists of the implantation of a series of micro-anchors pairs in order to exclude the scarred myocardium, in order to reduce and reshape the LV. We present the procedure step-by-step, as team coordination between the cardiac surgeon and the interventional cardiologist is essential to ensure good procedural outcomes. This is a novel and new technique to address Heart Failure secondary to Myocardial Infarction.
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Jan 2021Published in Journal of Cardiac Surgery volume 36 issue 1 on pages 300-306. 10.1111/jocs.15117