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Early Respiratory Outcomes Following Cardiac Surgery in Patients with COVID-19
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  • khosro barkhordari,
  • mohamad reza khajavi,
  • sepideh nikkhah,
  • Mahmoud Shirzad,
  • sepehr barkhordari,
  • jamshid bagheri,
  • katayun kharazemian,
  • marjan nosrati
khosro barkhordari
Tehran University of Medical Sciences

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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mohamad reza khajavi
Tehran University of Medical Sciences
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sepideh nikkhah
Ministry of Health and Medical Education
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Mahmoud Shirzad
Tehran Heart Center
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sepehr barkhordari
University of California Davis
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jamshid bagheri
Tehran University of Medical Sciences
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katayun kharazemian
Tehran Heart Center
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marjan nosrati
Tehran Heart Center
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Abstract The objective of this study was to describe early respiratory outcomes of asymptomatic COVID-19 patients after cardiac surgery. In this retrospective clinical study (case series) we reviewed and analyzed patient clinical data of 25 covid-19 asymptomatic patients that underwent urgent or emergent cardiac surgery between February 29 and April 10, 2020 in Tehran Heart Center Hospital. Median of age was 63 years (IQR, 52-67), Euro SCORE 7.50 (IQR, 6.5-8.5) and body mass index 26.3 (IQR, 22.5-28.6). 68% of patients had one or more comorbidities. Hypertension (56%) was the most common followed by Diabetes type 2 (40%). Off-pump cardiac surgery was done in 4 patients and on-pump on 21 patients with median CPB time of 85 minutes (IQR, 50-147.50). Median anesthesia time was 4.5 hours (IQR, 4-5). Median oxygen index and Fio2 on ventilator were 10 cmH20 (IQR, 9.5-10.5) and 0.64(IQR, 0.60-0.64) respectively. Median pao2/Fio2 was 231(IQR, 184-261). There was one case of extubation failure. The Median intubation time and length of ICU stay were 13 hours (IQR, 9.5-18) and 3 days (IQR, 2-4) respectively. Overall mortality was 16%. Readmission rate to ICU was 16% with. In this group respiratory outcome was worse with median Pao2/Fio2 84.5 (75-122), oxygen index of 4.38(IQR, 3.77-5.1) and morality rate of 75%. Conclusion: Based on the results of this study, very early post-cardiac surgery respiratory outcomes in asymptomatic COVID-19 patients are apparently smooth; nonetheless, readmission to the ICU is high. Overall respiratory outcomes are poor especially for those who readmitted to ICU.
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Oct 2020Published in Journal of Cardiac Surgery volume 35 issue 10 on pages 2479-2485. 10.1111/jocs.14915