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Go Back To The Basics: Cardiac Surgery Trainees At The Time Of Covid-19.
  • Gabriella Ricciardi,
  • Raoul Biondi,
  • Gabriele Tamagnini
Gabriella Ricciardi
Leiden Universitair Medisch Centrum

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Raoul Biondi
Villa Torri Hospital
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Gabriele Tamagnini
Villa Torri Hospital
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Keeping up with the surgical training might be difficult during the time of COVID-19 pandemic: with most of the health care resources dedicated to face this reality, trainees can improve themselves deep diving in scientific literature, study, Telemedicine and Social Media professional platforms. Moreover, they might be directly involved in COVID patient care, facing a still a still elusive disease with a high lethality rate. Often the frustration of having no valid treatment and a poor incisiveness on the natural course of the COVID19 could lead to a blue mood or a burnout. Eventually, the natural adaptability and the survival instinct prevail and teach us the real meaning of resilience. Every trainee has to be prepared for the second phase, when the new normality will force everyone to cohabit with the virus. Even the obvious teething troubles, this could be the right moment for all the Residents to “grow-up” and develop their own future Character.
10 May 2020Submitted to Journal of Cardiac Surgery
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